Season Ticket?

  • Hello guys!

    Newly moved to Malmo and being interested in football and specifically lower league football (my team back in the UK is unfortunately in league two) i thought i might pick IFK as my go-to-team.

    Is there a way to buy season tickets for the next season?
    Do IFK always play at malmo stadion?

  • Welcome to Malmö and Malmö stadion specifically!

    A season ticket costs 1000 swedish crowns.
    Not sure how to but them but probably at the office @ Malmö stadion.

    We always play at stadion unless there is some event going on there, in which case we play at Malmö IP.

  • Cheers adam.

  • I asked regarding season tickets, and there are 2 ways to buy.

    1. Mail

    2. Go to the office at Stadion on Thursday evenings. No cash payment. Swish or card only.


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